Revolutionize your AIOps with our Fully Managed Infrastructure

G-Core is a fully managed, end-to-end automated AIOps solution that ensures a smooth journey for businesses to host, train, deploy, and integrate their machine learning solutions into production environments.

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Key Features Of G-Core

  • Fully Managed Solutions

    No need to process data, tune machine learning models, think about infrastructure, load balancing, cluster.

  • Multi-Cloud Infrastructure

    G-Core comes with Multi-cloud support. This ensures availability of service due to any interruption in any zones. You can also choose your favorite cloud infrastructure and zones.

  • Automated Data Pipeline

    G-core AI pipeline consists of automated data collection, training, optimum model selection and real time prediction.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    G-core comes with 24/7 monitoring capability. This includes real time CPU, memory usage, running processes, log analysis etc.

  • 3rd Party Integration

    G-Core provides various 3rd party integration for training data sources. Besides, it also provides integration support for slack, teams etc.

  • Designed For Developers

    G-Core comes with easy to use APIs. This ensures smooth integration of AI solutions.


Why G-Core ?


Faster Model Development & Integration

Build the best models while we handle the infrastructure.

Reliability & Scalability

Our system boasts 99.5%+ availability, is both scalable and redundant, and offers battle-tested reliability.

How G-Core Works?

At Gigalogy, We Simplify AIOps

Our customers don't need to worry about developing software for machine learning models, deploying them to servers, building data pipelines, or retraining.

Gigalogy's AIOps infrastructure manages each step, ensuring an enjoyable AI journey for our customers.


Competitive Advantage

Features G-Core SageMaker
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