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Our Solutions

Our solutions are easy to integrate into web/mobile applications, affordable, and maximize end user satisfaction, brand loyalty and business revenue.

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    Personalized Search Engine

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    Image Search Engine

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    Personalized Feed

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    Trending Items Recommendation Engine

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    Recommend Similar Products on Details Page

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    Dynamic Pricing

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    GPT enabled advisor, assistant, customer support bot

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    Sentiment Analysis from Social Media, News, PR

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    Speech to Text and Text to Speech

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    Fraud Detection from Image

  • CV Image

    Age Gender Prediction from Image and Video

  • CV Image

    Facial Recognition from Image and Video

  • CV Image

    Emotion Analysis from Image and Video

  • CV Image

    Object Detection from Image and Video

  • CV Image

    Logo Detection from Image and Video

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    OCR from Image and Video


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Help your users find the travel destinations of their dreams

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Why Gigalogy ?

Produce high impact outcomes much more efficiently (time & cost) and with greater value. Build services quickly that transforms data into business impacting decisions.

Faster customization & integration

Integrate to any web, mobile (iOS, Android) application using our SDKs / REST APIs with minimum effort.

Reliability & scalability

Our systems operate with 99.9%+ and are highly scalable and redundant. Each solution comes with battle tested reliability.

Built in cold start support

Our solutions are capable of providing quality response even when there is not enough user generated data.

Built in multi-language support

All of our solutions support multiple language. This ensures quality response when your application has global user base.

How Gigalogy AI Platform Works?

Customer Journey - Simple steps to integrate AI to your application


Create a Project

Search for a solution from our platform that best suits your need and create a project 


Integrate data source

Integrate your data source via our APIs / database connector / 3rd party data connector



Switch on automated training or train it using our APIs. Our AI pipeline will automatically find the optimum model for real time prediction



Copy SDK code and insert it into your app for quick integration. Use our REST APIs for customized integration

Fully Automated AI Platform

Simplifying the development and integration of Artificial Intelligence to your application. Our solutions are problem focused instead of algorithms which makes them more efficient to improve your user experience. 

Fully managed solutions

No need to process data, tune machine learning models, think about infrastructure, load balancing, cluster.

Multi-cloud infrastructure

Our solutions come with Multi-cloud support. This ensures availability of service due to any interruption in any zones. You can also choose your favorite cloud infrastructure and zones.

Problem focused

Our user experience focused solution architecture helps you to bring the best out of technology

Ready to use

Our ready to use AI solutions will get you started with minimum effort

Automated pipeline

Our AI pipeline consists of automated data collection, training, optimum model selection and real time prediction.

Real time prediction

Our solutions continuously learns from new data and sends real time prediction to end users. 

24 / 7 Monitoring

Each solution comes with monitoring capability. This includes real time CPU, memory usage, running processes, log analysis etc.

3rd party integration

We provide various 3rd party integration for training data source. Besides, we also provide slack integration for notification. 

Designed for developers

Our easy to use APIs will make sure AI solution integration is smooth and happens within few mins to hours

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What's New?


January 12th 2023

Gigalogy get selected to participate in the Startup immersion program Silicon valley, 2023
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January 7th 2023

Gigalogy organized AI training workshop for elementary school students at Scratch Cafe
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April 21st 2022

Gigalogy makes AI accessible for everyone
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